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About us!

Casablanca Hotels is oriented to satisfy the needs and expectations of our guests and clients in the provision of the accommodation service with the necessary infrastructure and qualified personnel to guarantee the quality of our services through continuous improvement and based on respect for natural heritage and sociocultural of the region.

The natural beauty of Garzón, its climate and mainly the peace and tranquility that is felt in the region, motivated one of the partners to invest in the construction of a Hotel that allowed to promote tourism in the region and meet the demand in the region. epoch.


Casablanca Hotels, being committed to the implementation and maintenance of the Integrated Management System (GIS), sets out the following objectives:

• Be a hotel with quality standards recognized by our customers.
• Be financially profitable and competitive against the market.
• Implement management systems to continuously improve, focused on the sustainability and quality of the services provided by the hotel.




1990: The Casablanca Hotel was created in the facilities of a colonial-type historic heritage house in the region, at the initiative of a family member with hotel experience in Huila. The project started with a total of 8 rooms and a restaurant room with a natural environment.
1994: The new partners, brothers of whom I inspire the name of the hotel, decided to build their own headquarters and keep their name; inaugurating it on October 1, 1994 with 13 rooms and 2 rooms for restaurant and event service.
1996: Thanks to the success achieved wide availability to 21 rooms with the construction of the third floor.
2004: Thanks to the advertising project of one of its heirs and publicist in studies, the corporate image change was made with its respective user manual.
2008: As part of their strategic growth plan, the partners decided this year to open the headquarters of the Hotel Casablanca in the city of Neiva, becoming the first hotel chain in Huila.
2011: The year began with the work of expanding, remodeling and providing facilities for the provision of services with high quality standards and the feasibility of categorizing the hotel. This work was projected until the middle of 2012. Hotel capacity was increased to 33 rooms and a conference room with capacity for 100 people was built, creating new services to meet the demand generated by agroindustrial, mining and energy growth and development. region of.
2013: The quality certification process began under the ISO 9001-2008 standard in accommodation, restaurant and kitchen as part of the implementation of the integrated quality management and corporate social responsibility systems program.


We are a solid and responsible company registered to the National Tourism Registry issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Year after year we meet all the requirements that the law provides to operate as hotel service providers. We are also affiliated with the Neiva Chamber of Commerce and with the support of SENA we have the constant training of our team.

We believe in the importance of the associative processes participating in the foundation of the Garzón Merchants Association and the Huila Tourism Corporation.

We also participate in the international fair ANATO and ExpoFeria Cotelco taking advantage of these showcases to the world to position ourselves as the best option in Huila, highlighting our beautiful region as a destination of incomparable cultural and ecological variety.

One of our reasons for being is the contribution to society where our companies carry out their work.
Improvement of the quality of life with the sponsorship of the geriatric home Refugio Santa Rosa located in the municipality of Garzón Huila.

Support to education, providing our facilities and transmitting our knowledge to SENA practitioners and interns in the areas of hotel administration, tourism and recreation in our region opita.

We are in the constitution stage of the Casablanca Hotels Foundation, whose main objective is to strengthen the citizen culture, contributing to the improvement and conservation of the monuments, parks and green areas of the cities of Neiva and Garzón, for the enjoyment of citizenship and of the tourist.




Hotel Casablanca provides services of accommodation, restaurant, and rooms for events with quality standards and corporate social responsibility, to meet the wishes and needs of our guests and customers, with qualified personnel and committed to the continuous improvement of our services.



Hotel Casablanca has as its vision for 2016, to consolidate itself as the first hotel chain in Huila, increasing its portfolio of services with technology, innovation, quality and promoting tourism development and promoting the conservation of the socio-cultural heritage of the region.