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Travel to San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

It is to enter the foothills of the Colombian Massif, where for thousands and hundreds of years the memory of a pre-Columbian culture that shaped stones, its cult of life and death has remained, leaving us testimony of its existence and the enigma of its development and history. This destination is characterized by its pleasant cold weather. The Augustinian culture encompasses large parts of the territory of Alto Magdalena (that means that there are discoveries in different locations of Huila); but the most visited and best exposed archaeological remains are in the municipalities of San Agustín and Isnos with the Archaeological Parks of: San Agustín, Alto de los Idols and Alto de Las Piedras.
Land route 4 hours and 30 minutes from Neiva, approximately.

Travel to the Tatacoa Desert

It is to find an exotic warm landscape, with reddish and gray soil, fertile mountains of blue hue dominate the horizon. Usually the blues of the clear sky are dyed orange at dawn or dusk, remembering the origin of the word Huila. This territory is characterized by being a natural window to the observation of the sky for astronomy activities.

Astronomical observation place. For astronomy lovers, it is the place in the open, natural balcony sufficiently removed from any city that generates light pollution in Colombia, facilitating the observation of the sky.

Land route just 1 hour from Neiva, approximately.

Traveling to Termales in Rivera, Huila, Colombia

It is to enjoy in the warm valley of Alto Magdalena, a destination that presents intense greens, lulled by the breezes of the eastern mountain range where medicinal non-sulfurized hot springs sprout, ideal for health and well-being. Green heart of Huila and cradle of the poet José Eustasio Rivera.
Land route only 35 minutes from Neiva, approximately.

Travel to Los Guácharos Cave National Natural Park, Huila, Colombia

It was the first protected natural area of Colombia, declared as a PNN in the year 1960. It is part of the set of protected areas of the Colombian Massif, declared by UNESCO in 1979 as a biosphere reserve.

For the year 2015 the El Encanto farm is declared as a civil society reserve, and receives the recognition of great Environmental Merit granted by the CAM and the mayor's office of the municipality of Pitalito, for its good state of conservation and good agricultural practices. This has allowed an optimal development of fauna and flora native to the region, including spectacular specimens of the group of arthropods, among which are Insects, Arachnids, Myriapods and many more.

The Betania Dam

The Betania Dam, located in the department of Huila, is a large-scale reservoir built at the mouth of the Yaguará River in Magdalena, in the municipalities of Campoalegre, Hobo and Yaguará. Fish mojarras, cachamas and tilapias; and canoeing and skiing are some activities that attract travelers to the Betania dam, a 7,000 ha reservoir that is reached after a 38 km trip south from Neiva.

Water Box in Paicol

In the municipality of Paicol, In the south west of the Department of Huila, ninety minutes from the city of Neiva, is the Municipality of Paicol: A historic jewel of cobbled streets, The waters of the imposing Páez River bathe its picturesque landscapes, in the that deep caverns and centuries-old royal roads cross the wonderful scenery where the town of Paicol was built; Natural attractions would make it a meeting point for adventurers who love rafting, caving, rappelling and hiking.